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Favorite Dental Stories #1

The best part of being a dentist is that I get to know people. Dentistry is a very personal experience, and it creates opportunities for our humanity to show through. There are moments in the dental office that are funny, touching, and dramatic. In this “Favorite Dental Stories” blog series, I want to share some of the best stories.

So the first story I’ll share is short and funny. I sedated a teenager to have his wisdom teeth removed. At the end of the appointment he was beginning to wake up. He was still a little drowsy when he stood up to leave with his mother.

“Do you want to take my arm?” she asked.

He jerked his elbow away. “I’m a grown man! I’m 18 years old. I don’t need your help.” He turned to leave on his own and saw the treasure box we have for kids. He asked, “Ooh! Can I have a prize from the prize box?”

dental office prize box

The contrast between “grown man” and childlike excitement was just too good.

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